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“My wife and I are both in the health care field. We are currently Northwestern Mutual clients. We recently moved back to the Midwest and needed a new financial planner. We have friends and colleagues that told us to check out NWM. We got a recommendation for Kyle and we decided to give him a try. We were very impressed from the first minute we met Kyle. You can tell he was born and raised in Wisconsin. He is a perfect mix of someone who is incredibly knowledgeable in the investment world, can translate and inform you to meet your needs and the type of person you would want to watch a Packers game with! We have worked with many different financial planners in our past and he taught us new ways of understanding our portfolio on day one. He is accessible and you feel like you are his most important client. He is professional, thoughtful and warm. I do not think you will be disappointed if you choose to work with Kyle & Northwestern Mutual.”
- Sara & Bob

“I have been a customer of NML for over 30 years.  Kyle called to introduce himself as my new agent and from that first interaction, I knew I was working with a pro.  Kyle and his team made transitioning from my long-time agent and respected advisor as easy as something like that could be.  We evaluated my situation and came up with a list of possible actions including “doing nothing.”  That was the clincher for me.  Doing nothing is easy.  We all love the status quo and most people are averse to change so he was definitely taking a risk by putting it on the list.  Kyle’s patient team made the process after the decision smooth and comfortable.”
- Gregg Gruselle

“My husband and I have had the privilege to work with Kyle for the past few years. He was referred to us by a friend and we couldn’t be happier with his service. He is wonderful to work with, he is genuine and truly cares about our family. He does a great job at looking at the whole financial picture and explaining many options to us without feeling pressured. We are grateful for his knowledge, friendship and the service he provides to our family!”
- Krista Blazek

“We were referred to Kyle a number of years ago by a friend and we could not be happier with our experience and results. He has helped us navigate many major financial and personal milestones in our life and prepare us for our future. His ability to explain insurance and investment products gives us 100% confidence that we are making educated decisions. He takes the time to get to know you, your family and your financial goals. His strategy of financial planning shows that regardless of your situation, you can prepare for your future. We would refer any of our friends and family to Kyle.”
- Jonathon Matuszak

“Kyle has been instrumental in helping my family strategize for retirement, obtain proper insurance coverage, investing in college growth accounts for our children, and helping me achieve financial success & security. Investments and proper insurance coverage have always been very important to me. It would always stress me out and cause anxiety never knowing if I was investing enough for retirement or had enough insurance coverage. Kyle and his enthusiastic team of associates were dedicated to coming up with a financial portfolio that meets my future retirement and investment needs. The qualities I like about Kyle is that he is quick to respond to emails and phone calls. He reaches out to me periodically with status updates and recommendations on my investments. Most importantly, Kyle is very trustworthy. He is always looking out for you and has your best financial interests in heart. With Kyle at the helm of my investment portfolio, I have peace of mind and know I am good hands.”
- Joshua DeWitt

“We met with Kyle to discuss our current and future investment needs as well as life insurance. He not only helped set us up with exactly what we needed, but he thoroughly explained everything we were doing so we knew we were making the right decisions. Kyle is very personable and approachable. He made us feel comfortable from our first meeting with him. We would highly recommend Kyle and his team!”
- Tim and Jaimie Schuh

"My husband and I could not be more satisfied with having Kyle as our financial advisor. Kyle assisted us in setting attainable financial goals, and he helped us create a plan to pay off some of our debt. When we first started the financial planning process, we felt uneasy and unsure of where to start, however Kyle's knowledgeable, kind and understanding approach made us feel safe and assured throughout the entire process. We would highly recommend Kyle and his team at Northwestern Mutual.”
- Chelsea and Trevor Korpi

"My husband and I were referred to Kyle this spring by a friend who has been a satisfied client of Kyle’s for several years. I was approaching retirement, and my husband was anticipating a career change. I was full of anxiety about whether we had our financial “ducks in a row”. My husband and I met with Kyle several times, and I was very impressed by the entire experience. Kyle asked good questions to help me and my husband clarify our goals. And more importantly, Kyle really listened to our answers. He mapped out projections to show us different options and gave us financial advice and recommendations to help us navigate the scary life changes before us. My mind was set at ease with the knowledge that an expert was helping us. I have just retired. My husband is anticipating starting his new job next month with a plan to retire in a few years. We both feel comforted by the thought that Kyle is helping us manage our assets so that we will have a secure retirement ahead of us. Thank you to Kyle and his team."
- Cynthia Cho

"My wife and I have been working with Kyle from the start of our financial planning. Kyle has done a fantastic job walking us through our current and future needs as well as establishing an obtainable plan to get us there. As an engineer I appreciated the detail and knowledge of data Kyle had when we inquired further. He has always been readily available to answer any of our questions. Kyle really took the time to build our trust and we now consider him the most valuable part of our financial plan. In fact, we've referred him to much of our extended family whom which he is now working with too."
- Trevin Erdmann

“Kyle has been the most helpful financial advisor we could have ever imagined!! Finances and money can be confusing and HARD. Kyle has laid out the road map and showed us our options. Yes, some people can do this stuff on their own but Kyle takes the research and guess work out of our lives (which is what we needed). He has helped educate us and then allows us to make the decisions that are best for our family and our business.”
- Courtney and Chase Ford

 “As a firm Kyle and his team do an excellent job communicating with us and keeping us informed. Kyle is a master when it comes to explaining our options and explains things to us so we understand. He doesn’t make us feel as if we are just another client – he seems to really care about us and our financial future. He is truly a joy to work with.”
- Geoff and Amanda Lotto

“Kyle may not have as many years of experience as a lot of his colleagues, but that’s just a number. Kyle is knowledgeable beyond his years in the financial planning world. He is extremely hard working, persistent and most importantly always available for his clients no matter the circumstances. He has earned multiple awards to validate his hard work. Each one of them is well deserved. I wouldn’t want to have anyone else help me with my family’s finances for the present and future.”
- Aaron and Melissa Steffen

"Kyle helped us navigate the difficult decisions surrounding our Passion to leave a LEGACY and the practical realities of life’s purpose.”
- John Lochner


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Kyle Daniel Vander Loop, ChFC®, CLU®, CLTC®, RICP®

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